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What is Cpanel?

Cpanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels out there.

Coming from a web development background, I have been using Cpanel as the control panel for almost all of the sites I’ve developed. It allows easy set up of emails as well as complete control of your database set up ftp and much more

Confused with Google Analytics?

Use AWstats instead, it provides basic information on who visited your site, what country they came from, what keywords they used and much more at a glance. You can find it inside cPanel and it is much easier to understand than Google Analytics.

While it will not give as much information or have the ability to drill down analytics as with Google Analytics, it is fantastic for

Want to add software?

Our Cpanel Hosting packages come enhanced with Softaculous software installer which allows you to easily install website software for applications like WordPress, Magento and many more with a single click.

If you are somebody who is not familiar with Cpanel hosting in Ireland you may be curious about exactly what cPanel can provide you with. Eirhost’s cPanel hosting options can quickly streamline numerous of the jobs that you have to do as somebody who runs a website.

Even those who are experienced in administering a site can value the effectiveness of cPanel.

With cPanel hosting in Ireland, any web administrator, be they newbies or professionals, can quickly carry out jobs such as handle their subdomains, see web logs, handle their emails, databases and files, handle site security, choices and services and lots of other jobs.

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Your CPanel Control Panel

All web sites hosted by us have a free online control panel. from there you can read your email, view statistics on your web sites latest visitors, set up your email addresses and much more.

How do I log into Cpanel?

To log in to your control panel, go to .

A log in box will appear prompting you for your user name and password, enter the user name and password given to you in your welcome email.

You will then be brought to your web sites control area.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is an extremely popular hosting control panel that makes it simple for virtually anybody to handle and host their site. cPanel takes the uncertainty from lots of sophisticated hosting jobs and makes them quickly executable with just a click of a button. Naturally, this is rather an unclear description for exactly what makes cPanel so terrific, so would not you wish to particularly discover why cPanel could optimize your performance without compromising your time? Here are simply a few of the functions that makes cPanel the De facto requirement for interfacing with your hosting server.

Easy Interface

Among the most significant functions about Eirhost Web Hosting Ireland’s cPanel interface is its extremely flexible, yet easy user interface. Numerous jobs can quickly be finished with the click of a button through cPanel that would otherwise need understanding and experience with hosting servers. CPanel provides an easy to understand interface that will help you to easily manage your web hosting space carrying out tasks varying from handling your website files to seeing logs that can help you to better manage your site.

Without cPanel, these kinds of functions would need a comprehensive understanding of server programs – which let’s admit it; many people do not have this understanding, and lots of people do not have the time to find out ways to do these things without cPanel.

Quickly Manage Domains/Email Accounts

cPanel is likewise best for handling your domains and e-mail accounts. Email domains and accounts can be a headache to sort through and handle, however with cPanel, you can quickly track your domains and where they indicate, and you can manage, modify, produce, and customize your existing e-mail accounts that are connected to your hosting account. cPanel provides a lot control that you can even establish auto-responders, forwarders, filtering, and spam/junk protection directly from the GUI within a couple of minutes.

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Install Website software Easily

CPanel makes it incredibly simple to install website software such as online forums, surveys, or studies on your site. As soon as was without cPanel, setting up plugins and scripts is no longer the headache that it used to be.

Modify Site/Files Easily

Who could forget that cPanel is wonderful for permitting you to quickly modify your site/files directly from the cPanel user interface? Not just can you deal with the file supervisor directly from the control panel without an FTP application, however, you can establish and handle FTP accounts if you prefer to utilise other software applications for the management of your file directory site.

Backup/Restore Effortlessly

The last thing on any hectic web designer’s mind is making routine backups of the site in concern. This procedure can usually be laborious and lengthy, and it can even remove from your performance. cPanel makes backing your website up a lot easier with the Backup Wizard, and these backups can quickly be used/restored at any time in case of a regrettable server crash.

Track Web Statistics

cPanel is likewise excellent for tracking data with your site. If you care to understand what does it cost? bandwidth or strikes your site is getting, you can quickly describe the ‘Logs’ area of the cPanel GUI for this info. If issues must occur through the consisted of Error Log that tracks concerns as quickly as they take place.

Always up-to-date!

However definitely not least, cPanel is continuously upgraded and kept up to date. You never ever need to fret about dealing with an out-of-date piece of software application because cPanel is frequently being enhanced and reinforced to keep bugs and kinks out of the method. Sometimes, cPanel releases updates daily, which implies they are continuously working all the time to keep the software application dependable and steady.

In general, cPanel is The world’s most popular choice for anybody varying from the novice to the specialist. cPanel has actually constantly pursued simpleness and efficiency, and there aren’t lots of rivals that even come close to matching exactly what it can do for your site. If you’re not utilising cPanel, you might be losing out on time that might be invested doing other things that matter more – such as looking out for and much better helping your consumers.

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