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Are you running a business that focuses on Europe’s large market? Do you want to put yourself ahead of the competition by enhancing your global presence?

Then registering for one of the world’s biggest market movers when you register a ʺeuʺ ccTLD may be right for you!.

Show your clients that you are European, register a .eu domain name. if you are based in or selling to Europe, a .eu domain name allows you to sell to over 500 million potential clients.

Prove that you’re a European-based business or individual dedicated to providing information, products and services to your European audience and boost customer self-confidence in your brand name.

Why register a .eu domain name?

A European domain name such as .eu for Europe gives your company an expert image, and is proof of your commitment to regional clients

Protect Your European Identity with a European Domain Name

Stop Cyber Squatters or competitors registering your .eu business name and redirecting it to a competitors site.

You can choose Free .eu Domain name or free redirection to your existing domain name.

If you already have hosting just register your .eu domain name here for just €9.99 and we will redirect it to your existing site free.

Who can register a .eu domain name?

There are no limitations who can register a domain name, other than having a European Address.

Similar to .com domain names, all .eu domains are registered based on a “First come, First served” basis so register your domain name now while it is still available.

A .eu domain name is perfect for businesses or people that operate in pan-european or cross-border markets. You simply need to be a citizen in Europe, to sign up for your free .eu domain name

Your Free .eu Domain Name communicates your:

  • European identity
  • Professional image
  • Dedication to business in Europe

Registering a .eu domain name with Eirhost is a quick and easy process that can be completed in just minutes. When you register a domain name with EURID, you will receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Protect your customers online with DNSSEC and Registry Lock Service (Provided by EURID)
  • Signal internationality and trustworthiness to potential customers
  • Increase ROI on your website with a .eu, .ею or .ευ domain name extension
  • Supports multiple languages for a global market
  • The ability to use our world-class DNS service
  • The ability to transfer your domain name for free
  • 24/7 customer support

Who is the  EURid Registry?

The EURid registry is a non-profit organization that registers domain names for businesses and individuals in the European Union.

Free .eu Domain Registration

The free registration for 1 year when ordered with web hosting and extra services we provide such as a free SSL cert makes Eirhost Web Hosting the best value choice when compared to other registrars.

Why register a .eu domain name?

If you want your products or services to be considered when consumers make their purchase decisions, having an effective online presence is crucial. With a website that signals internationality and speaks to potential customers around the globe, you broaden your market exponentially.

Domain extensions with .eu, .ею or .ευ tell customers that you are based in Europe under EU law which provides them with added security measures. Multiple language support ensures that all of your potential customers will be able to understand your site content without any issues. We offer safe, secure domains through DNSSEC protocol and protect your investments with Registry Lock Service.

More Trustworthiness when you register a .eu Domain

A website with .eu, .ею or .ευ domain name extension tells customers that you are a legal entity based in Europe under EU law which means they can trust you to respect their privacy and conduct business in an ethical manner. Our registry lock feature helps protect the DNS of your domain names against potential unintended changes such as transfers or deletions. You can also use our multi-language support service for added convenience when trying to reach out to international audiences.

EURID’s registry lock feature helps protect the DNS of your domain names against potential unintended changes such as transfers or deletions.

If you’re doing business in the EU, .EU Domain Registration can supplement your country-specific name with a broader audience outside of your own country borders. The .eu domain works well when combined with a .ie domain name or a .com to give you site global presence.

Register Your Perfect .EuDomain Name Now!

Is registering for a European Union (.EU) top level domain (TLD) right for me?

There are many benefits including showing trustworthiness and internationality to potential customers, there’s no reason not to make the switch today!.

The .EU domain is open for registration to organizations and individuals in the European Union. It also signals trustworthiness and internationality making it easier to stand out from the crowd. Check the availability of your perfect .EuDomain name now!

What are you waiting for?

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