Emergence of Drupal hosting
Drupal is considered to be synonymous with dynamic and usable sites. Users are offered greater flexibility for sharing, distributing and modifying content. It also has become a powerful CMS (Content Management System) to help develop dynamic sites. It is essential to understand the benefits offered by Drupal hosting to get to know how it takes usability factor to the next level. It is said to be supported by over 600,000 developers and boasts of having a development backing of over ten years. Drupal undoubtedly in the domain of CMS has developed a niche market for itself.

Some benefits of Drupal hosting and website development

  • ‘Theme’ functionality can be customized skillfully by Drupal developers, so as to display business offerings within a highly usable and interactive environment.
  • API 3rd party support can be leveraged skillfully by Drupal developers.
  • Easily reviewable sites on Android mobiles, iPads and iPhones can be created successfully by Drupal developers.
  • The tools can be leveraged by the Drupal developers and new site deployed without requiring to begin from scratch.

Few popular websites that are created on Drupal CMS includes The Economist, The White House, Symantec Connect, Examiner, Fast Company, Warner Brother Records, The Pulitzer Prizes and New York Observer does speak volumes with regards to Drupal’s popularity index and high usability. The reason for Drupal to be favored as a CMS is due to its possessing some interesting features. It not only helps to scale up the sites, but also assists in making them feature rich.

Why the need to hire Drupal developers?

It is usability factor that tends to rule the web. According to the industry experts, if product information is not visible to the customer, then he/she is not likely to purchase it. It is what makes usability factor an important element that is driven by open source platform based software.

Few salient features of Drupal hosting

  • Improved performance and extensile modular code
  • Easy to be integrated with the other applications and search engine compliant
  • Comply with existing security standards
  • Support and training resource availability

Services offered by Drupal developers

  • CMS Customization and development
  • Template development and design
  • Extension development
  • CMS Maintenance
  • Drupal Theming
  • Application Development

The professional Drupal developer does possess some specialised skills. As Drupal is considered to be compatible with different frameworks such as Flex, FLASH, AJAX, PHP and JAVA, the developers are required to avail rich community support, to enjoy constant skill upgrading and knowledge networking.