One of the questions we get asked most often is ‘exactly what do we need to register domain?’ or “How do i register a .ie domain name?”

Prior to the liberalisation of domain market registry domain name could be a complicated matter as you have to prove actual connection to the domain name you wish to register.

Now that the domain registration rules are here all you need to do is prove your identity and a connection to Ireland.

From now on, any specific or service with a provable connection to Ireland will be able to sign up any available .ie domain name on a first-come, first-served basis.
Advantages of the modification.

This modification will even more open up the .ie domain namespace to Irish residents, clubs, residents acssociations, businesses and otherorganisations that may have otherwise phone the documentation that was previously required in order to register a.i.e. domain name difficult to deal with.

The new requirements to register your .ie domain name are:

Proof of Identity.

In order to prove you are who you claim to be on the application, the Domain Registry of Ireland asks everybody who signs up to register a .ie domain to validate their identity. This helps to provide the IEDR confirm ownership of all .ie domains and prevent fraud.

Non-Business .ie Domain Registrations

If you are a club, blogger or require the domain name for your personal use all that is needed is to provide proof of ID (eg: passport, driver’s licence, etc) and proof of address (eg: utility bill, etc) instead.

Business .ie Domain Registrations

In general the Domain Registry of Ireland request companies to supply their certificate of incorporation, company number or V.A.T number.

If you’reĀ  self employed, just provide proof that you’re self-employed. Such as a registered business or V.A.T number in or evidence of your company or income tax registration.

If you do not have any of the above the domain registry of Ireland will accept a signed letter of verification from your lawyer or accounting professional.

If you have a trademark Send us in a Trademark number that we can confirm with the EC database or you can scan and email the trademark certificate.

Connection to Ireland.

.ie is Ireland’s domain extension. It’s Ireland’s website address and as such the domain registry of Ireland need that all .ie domain registrations are either based in Ireland or have a real connection to Ireland. In most cases, this requirement will be covered by providing an Irish form of identity or an Irish business number.

If you are not based in Ireland but have a strong connection to Ireland you can still register domain name.

When begin the application process to register domain name you will need to show that you trade with, or clearly intend to trade with,people or businesses in Ireland. You can use billings, news release, promotional material or perhaps a screenshot of your e-commerce store that reveals a customer can pick Ireland as their country for shipment.


If returning clients ( domain holders) want to register and domain, they can now get the Fastpass registration process. With Fastpass, it is not required to re-submit evidence of a connection to Ireland.

Just let us know the name of your domain name when you are registering.

Don’t have the documentation ready?

Now that .ie domain names are available on a first come first serve basis you should place the application through immediately. Just fill in the form below and we will reserve your name for the next 28 days to give you a chance to get the documentation together.

Just fill in the form below and don’t forget, with Eirhost your domain name registration is free if you order hosting.

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