Before discussing exactly what that means to be a quality Irish web hosting company, let’s get to the essentials out of the way first.

Exactly what is a Web Host?

A web host is a provider that puts your website on a computer system which is linked to the web. The term for this ‘computer system’ is called a server.

An Irish web hosting company will normally have a quick connection to the Internet and they might host countless websites on lots of servers. The web host basically rents server space to you so that you can get your site up on the web.

With a well-managed Irish web host, you can release yourself from stressing the up-keep of complex server updates and security problems.. That’s the entire function of the webhosting business. You need to leave the technical work to webhosting expert while you concentrate on running your website

Web hosting features

The following are some of the many features offered in our web hosting plans.

Control Panel Control Panel is a user interface where you can access your website online server, permitting you to set-up and consequently upgrade your website, view statistics and set up e-mail addresses. CPanel is by far the most popular control panel available on the Internet and is easier to use and comes with with more features than its competitors. We include CPanel on all accounts as standard.


The majority of websites that do not have lots of graphics, video or downloadable files would normally take up between 100 and 500 MB of disk space. To make sure that you do not run out of web hosting space, our starter Irish Web Hosting plan comes with 10,000 MB of disk space giving you more space than you should ever need.


Bandwidth is the quantity of files transferred or are received through the server. In webhosting, bandwidth is taken in when visitors view your webpages or if e-mail is sent. our starter Irish Web Hosting plan comes with 10,000 MB of bandwidth which is far more than you will ever need with most sites using barely 2% of their monthly allowance

Email Accounts

With POP3 e-mail accounts you can download your e-mail from Outlook, Windows live mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or any other Email software application.

Scripting languages Supported

Our Irish Web Hosting plans use open Source Technology and support the main opens source languages cgi, perl and php. PHP is the most important language as the majority of websites on the Internet use PHP as their scripting Lanugage

Database Support

Most websites these days use a content management system such as WordPress, this system requires a MySQL database which is included with all our hosting plans. MySQL is developed to scale well under heavy traffic conditions and is perfect for e-commerce-enabled or database-intensive Web websites.

Eirhost web hosting Ireland specialises in WordPress hosting and will be happy to help you with any queries you have.

Client Service/Support

No matter if you are a professional or an amateur in web hosting, you require an Irish web host with great client support group.

Exactly what is the requirements of an outstanding consumer support?

We offer 24 seven technical support via our helpdesk and live chat is available on our website.

We also provide training videos into Cpanel showing you exactly how to set everything up on your site from e-mails to installing WordPress.

Dependability, Speed and Uptime Guarantee

Absolutely nothing can harm you more than this: your visitors arrive at your website just to discover that it’s not online. You lose trustworthiness and potentially even a sale. Leave the web host now if your web host does not ensure at least a 99 % uptime!

We provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee ensuring that your website is online at all times.

Are you paying too much for your Irish Web Hosting Plan?

Our most popular plan is available from only €2.75 per month with free domain name registration making it the best value web hosting plan in Ireland.