The Domain Registry of Ireland, who run the .ie domain name space are withdrawing from the “direct” market. From 31st March 2020 onwards they will no longer allow anybody wishing to register domain the capability to register their domain name with them, instead requiring new registrations to go directly to an registrar instead.

This is a welcome move as now anybody registering domain name can also avail of additional service such as email hosting, web hosting and other services not offered by the IEDR

You can find a full announcement on this here

What is the domain registry of Irelands direct registration service?

The direct registration service has been available for anyone who wanted to manage .ie domains directly with us at IE Domain Registry, without the support of an accredited .ie Registrar.

Other products like hosting and email addresses have not been available under this service.

The Domain Registry of Ireland chose to get out of the market late last year . In the end they opted to run a tender process to choose a registrar to get the portfolio of registrations.

I am a direct registrant with the domain registry of Ireland what should I do?

If you’ve registered a domain directly with The Domain Registry of Ireland you’ve essentially got two alternatives:

Take no action and The Domain Registry of Ireland will move your domains to a registrar that they decide, most likely the highest bidder for your contract, essentially denying you a choice of where you wish to renew your domain name.

Transfer your domains to us or a similar registrar, giving you a choice with whom you register with. If you transfer your domain name to us, the domain name will be free of charge for the first year if you order hosting

We are currently offering three months web hosting and free domain registration renewal for €15.99+ VAT

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