SpamAssassin Spam Filters

Getting too much spam? We can help

SpamassassinAll Linux Web hosting plans from EirHost Web Hosting Ireland include SpamAssassin antispam software.

With SpamAssassin every e-mail you receive automatically goes through a set off through tests designed to see whether or not it is spam.

You control what happens to mail as spam assassin has marked as spam.

If can either be delivered to your mailbox marked as spam for you to sort through later on or it can be deleted without you having to download it.

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You can customize your Spam assassin’s spam filters.

For example you can create a white list of people whose e-mails will never be considered spam.

You can change the score for certain rules that flag messages as spam.
You can use the spam box which will deliver e-mails which spam assassin has marked as spam directly to a separate folder marked spam. You can then check the spam folder periodically via your webmail interface or via Outlook express.

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