How to Set Up Your Email on Microsoft Outlook

To set up Your email using Microsoft Outlook.

Email Set Up1.. Go to the Tools section of the top toolbar
(It should read: Files | Edit View | Favourites |Tools)

2.. Click Tools => Accounts. A box should then appear.

3. On the new box click the button marked Add => Mail

4.. Follow the instructions given in the new box to set up the accounts using these settings:
Email address: your full email address (e.g
(swap this for the actual email address you are using)
Incoming Pop 3 Server:
(swap for the actual domain name you are using)
Outgoing SMTP Server:

Log in: Your full email address (e.g and not just info)
Password: Password you entered when you set up your account

Once that is done, go to Tools > Accounts > Select Your email account > Click Properties > In the Servers Tab click the checkbox that says “My Server Requires Authentication”

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