To set up Your email using Microsoft Outlook.

Email Set Up1.. Go to the Tools section of the top toolbar
(It should read: Files | Edit View | Favourites |Tools)

2.. Click Tools => Accounts. A box should then appear.

3. On the new box click the button marked Add => Mail

4.. Follow the instructions given in the new box to set up the accounts using these settings:
Email address: your full email address (e.g
(swap this for the actual email address you are using)
Incoming Pop 3 Server:
(swap for the actual domain name you are using)
Outgoing SMTP Server:

Log in: Your full email address (e.g and not just info)
Password: Password you entered when you set up your account

Once that is done, go to Tools > Accounts > Select Your email account > Click Properties > In the Servers Tab click the checkbox that says “My Server Requires Authentication”

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