The internet has become very popular for communication, storage, and business transactions. With the growth of the internet comes an increase in cyber crime. If you are doing business on the web it is important to protect your customers information with a SSL Certificate to ensure no one else can see their information while it travels across the internet. The public’s growing concerns over security has led to an increase in the number of websites that are looking into getting SSL certificates.

An SSL cert is a certificate that helps keep your website safe. It encrypts the data that goes between your site and the people who visit it, so that no one can steal any information. This is especially important if you have an e-commerce site, or any other kind of site where people might input sensitive information.

This means an SSL certificate will help keep your visitors’ data safe. If you have an e-commerce site, or any other kind of site where people might input sensitive information, then it’s important to make sure that this data is encrypted so that no one can steal it.

Google is now making it a requirement for websites to have an SSL certificate. This is so that your website will be more secure and people will feel safe when they are on it.

The following are several benefits of installing a verified SSL certificate on your site.

1. An SSL Certificate Helps Deliver Verified Trust To Visitors

An SSL certificate helps deliver trust to visitors. Since the certificate is verified it gives visitors an idea of who you are when they visit your site. This can make potential customers more likely to do business with you.

The level of verification depends on the type of SSL cert you use. For example, domain verification cert only verifies the identity of the website. This is the most basic level of SSL verification.

This can be increased to search that display your company details in the website address bar.

See this article for more information on the different kind of SSL certs available.

2. Your SSL Certificate Helps Secure Your Business/Organization

The SSL certificate helps keep both incoming and outgoing data secure, protecting your company or organization against cyber attacks. An SSL certificate encrypts the data so no one can access it without the key. With this added security your business can safely conduct transactions on a public network, such as buying and selling products/services online without worrying about exposure to cybercrimes.

3. A Secure SSL Certificate Helps With Your SEO Rankings

The use of SSL certificates help with search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. There is a direct relationship between the use of SSL certificates and higher ranking results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Many companies that operate e-commerce sites have already made the switch to SSL servers for this reason alone.

4. An SSL Cert Helps Bring Trust To Your Site

People are more willing to purchase products and interact with websites that have a verified SSL certificate. If you are just starting your business, the use of an SSL certificate gives people a reason to trust your company online before making a commitment to work with you.

5. An SSL Certificate Helps Protect Your Users’ Data

In addition to protecting your customers from being victims of cyberattacks, an SSL certificate helps protect them from identity theft. Identity theft is a vulnerability that can happen when people submit personal information to your site without the protection of SSL encryption. This allows anyone with minimal computer skills to access their information and use it for criminal activities such as filing false tax returns or opening up credit accounts in their name.

The benefits of having an SSL certificate on your site are immense. These benefits include verified trust, security protection, higher rankings in search engine listings, bringing customers to your site and the added bonus of protecting users’ data from identity thieves.

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