The newly rebranded Dublin-based beauty salon, The Wicklow Street Clinic, was the 250,000th registered .ie domain name.

In operation for over thirty years, The Wicklow Street Clinic is a leading beauty salon in Dublin that specialises in a wide range of treatments and therapies for skin and body. Over 70% of the clinic’s clients now book appointments online while their products and voucher sales have increased 50% since launching their new online store in April this year.

Commenting, The Wicklow Street Clinic owner Rasa Levinaite said:
“Our website contributes hugely to the success of our company. While we maintain a traditional reception and phone-booking service, about 70% of our customers book their appointments online. We’ve been focusing on building our online presence as it’s vital to respond to customers’ needs.”

Ms Levinaite believes that having a .ie domain is now essential for Irish businesses:
“The .ie domain reassures people that our website is safe and secure and that they are dealing with an Irish-owned and Irish-operated company.”

Record Breaking Time for .ie Domain Registrations

This is a record-breaking half year for the Domain Registry of Ireland: 28,126 new domains were registered – an average of 154 every day. This is a 39% increase year-on-year and more than any other half-year period.

IE Domain Registry’s new policy of .ie domain liberalisation has played an integral role in this growth spike. Commenced in March 2018, liberalisation makes it easier and faster than ever
before to register a .ie domain.

Previously, .ie domain applicants had to prove both a connection to the island of Ireland and a valid claim to their desired .ie domain. Liberalisation dropped the latter requirement, allowing
valid applicants to register any .ie domain on a first-come, first-served basis.

For businesses and private individuals alike, this has made the registration process much more straightforward. Liberalisation has already proven useful for new business start-ups and small-scale enterprises who can easily prove their identity and connection to Ireland.

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